Sep 23

OpenCart Major Bug – Missing Orders

We were testing opencart and there is a major bug that we have not seen a solution for, it is when you are using Authorize.net as your payment gateway and you set new orders to go in to pending, but it goes to missing orders, so when orders come in to opencart you usually see them under pending if your site works correctly.

But they are all going to missing orders, so you won’t know if you got an order unless you get an email from Authorize.net saying, your store has an order, if you miss that email, you may not know any order came in, unless you check your order filter all day for new orders, by searching  missing orders which is wasted time.

We searched the opencart forum, and did not see a working solution, all the solutions did not work.


******* UPDATE As of 10/21/13 there is still no fix for missing orders, we tested for credit cards using Authorize.net as our credit card gateway, and no fix in the opencart forum listed works, some just cause more errors.

Here is an example of how daniel kerr the founder of opencart treats people, like a nasty Fu #$%^&*()!   A%^&*

See below his response to users post


This user posted this in the forum & dan kerr responds like a real

Re: OpenCart 1.5.5 Bug Thread

Postby joer80 » Fri May 17, 2013 9:37 am

I am still having missing orders also. (Default Authorize.net AIM payment method.) About 1 missing order per day out of 20.

Does anyone else use auth.net with no issues? Or could this be a bug?

I have no clue how to trouble shoot this? Before I upgraded to, it was not a problem.

dan kerr response

Re: Shopping cart will duplicate items

Postby Daniel » Fri May 17, 2013 10:56 am

this is a feature called saved cart! stop complaining. this is how you think something should work! not a bug! if you want a custom cart pay for the coding yourself!

Nice response dan for someone that needs help with your shopping cart.

Now the user is asking a legitimate question to get his store to work, then the owner of opencart gives such a nasty answer, why would anyone want to use opencart for their ecommerce shopping cart ?

If you have to deal with a NASTY Fu #$%^&*()!   A%^&* its not worth it, besides opencart SUCKS then if you have a problem & ask a question you have to deal with this guy, not worth it, stay away from opencart, it SUCKS & you won’t get any good help from the founder of opencart, If you have to stay with opencart, ask other forum members, so don’t bother asking dan kerr!!!!!!!!