Jun 12

PrestaShop Blows Away OpenCart Part 1

Since the founder of opencart ripped me off & his name is Daniel Kerr, & won’t give me my money back or won’t give me access to any of my downloads I paid for I have been switching over my online stores from opencart to prestashop. I was using opencart & I moved over to PrestaShop & PrestaShop just blows away opencart, there are so many standard features included with PrestaShop its not even funny.

Also http://www.prestashop.com has a wealth of information and resources on that site to help you install their shopping cart and also all the great forums, people are really willing to help you if you have a question on adding modules, running your store etc.. plus on http://www.youtube.com there is a lof of great video tutorials out their on prestashop it makes life so much easier using prestashop over opencart

Plus I found that on the Prestashop forums, the moderators are so nice & always willing to help you and offer solutions as with opencart forums, if you ask a question, the moderator or the founder daniel kerr is insulting you & putting you down for asking a question as if we are all suppose to be opencart experts and not ask any questions.

Hello opencart, that is why you have forums to communicate, not put people down or try and make them look stupid and insult them when trying to get an answer or a solution to their below par opencart shopping cart.

To update, Opencart 1.5.6 has been released and also sucks, see the many bugs n that new release listed in opencarts own forum hereĀ http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?f=161&t=106692&start=20


$$$$$$$$ UPDATE 10/21/13

PrestaShop has now been updated to version 1.5.6 and is 100% FREE

Check out all the features this great Prestashop ecommerce shopping cart has, it blows away opencart


To download the latest Prestashop version click the link to their download page